Our New Look

Our New Look

I couldn't wait to show our new retail look to you!

We've updated our labels, packaging, and retail displays for 2017 to make sure all your clients know the multiple benefits of Himalayan salt for home use. You'll see new, professional photos of our products in the days to come, but I had to take a photo myself and share – I couldn't wait for you to see!

Products will be ready to ship March 1, so please place your orders now so we can fulfill what you need without delay. The items in the photo below are top sellers that therapists love to recommend for home care ...

Pictured above:
15 Himalayan Salt Stones (soap size), $6 ea. Suggested retail price, $12.
3 Himalayan Bath Salts (4 oz., fine), $3 ea. Suggested retail price, $6.
3 Himalayan Salt Detox Bath (fine), $11 ea. Suggested retail price, $22. 
1 Carved Himalayan Salt Lamp (cube), $34. Suggested retail price, $68.
1 Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp (large, 11-13 lbs.), $34. Suggested retail price, $68.
1 Reflexology Bowl with 5 Himalayan salt spheres, $75. Suggested retail price, $150.

You can buy the entire package above for only $275 – and get a great return on your investment with $550 in retail sales. You'll also receive great retail display items such as our new plexiglass holders for Himalayan salt stones and shelf talkers to show your clients the benefits of Himalayan salt.

Email or call us today at 888-241-2095 if you would like to order the above package. We'd love to help you educate your clients about Himalayan salt!


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Hi Jamie,

Please email us at info@saltability.com for more information! It’s not recommended to warm the stones in a dry crock pot because crock pots tend to be very hot (140-160 degrees). Our warmers heat at a temperature that is comfortable for the skin at about 120 to at most 130 degrees. The stone should heat to about 110-115 degrees. Usually anything over this temperature is too hot for skin and runs the risk of the client getting burned.

Michaela Garretson, Social Media and Marketing Editor

Michaela Garretson

Hi I am interested in getting more information about the salt warmers and buying this package. I also wanted to know can you warm the stones in a dry crock pot ?

Jamie Matthias

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