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NOW is the time — take your spa to the next level

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A message from Ann Brown —

As I post this, it feels like we can all start to take a breath. While many spas and other wellness businesses remain closed, more and more cities, counties, states and countries are loosening COVID restrictions as more people get vaccinated.

Saltability Himalayan Salt Stone Massage at Silver Legacy Resort Casino Reno

photo by Silver Legacy Resort Casino Reno

It's time to look forward to welcoming clients back. What will you show them when they arrive? Will you reduce bacteria and make things better for clients, guests, and therapists with Himalayan salt stone massage?

With antimicrobial and antibacterial Himalayan salt, you can improve your therapeutic treatment offerings — lightly exfoliating, mineral-rich, and alkaline provide three benefits in one amazing feel-good massage — while providing a safer environment for the guest.

Choose Saltability Himalayan Salt Stone Massage and make sure your therapists are certifiedContact us by email or phone at 561-515-5142 to get started!

Do think about getting rid of that hard-to disinfect body brush? Consider replacing it with a take-home gift for guests that is an easy way to dry brush the skin on the table with our Himalayan salt body scrubber that just won two international awards.


Improve your traditional sauna with the healthy benefits of Himalayan salt for $2,500! Click to learn more about Himalayan Salt Saunas!

Himalayan Source Rush Creek Lodge Himalayan salt sauna Photo by Kim Carroll

Himalayan Salt Sauna at Rush Creek Lodge Photo by Kim Carroll

A Himalayan Salt Sauna Retro Kit creates a clean, pure, bacteria-free environment that detoxifies and replenishes the body!

Kit includes …

  • 66" x 34" Himalayan salt panel in your choice of salt bricks or granular salt
  • Two sets of Himalayan salt Detox Foot Trays
  • 55 lbs. of Himalayan salt chunks
  • a custom sign with your spa's logo

Are you ready to take your spa to the next level? Contact us by email or phone at 561-515-5142.

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