Welcome to Saltability

Welcome to Saltability

Throughout my 20-year career in the spa industry, I've been fueled by two things:

(1) my belief in, and gratitude for, spa therapy to impact wellness, and

(2) my competitive nature to run a profitable business that creates abundance not only for the owner, but also for all those involved. 

Last year, I saw an opportunity that has renewed both my passion for health and wellness and my drive for success.

As a spa director and consultant, I knew that spa guests were ready for something new, something different, something better than the typical hot stone massage that has been a staple for so many spas, for so many years. Basalt stones were once an exotic treat in a massage, but over the years, they've lost their appeal. Plus, I knew that the stones were mainly for show. They didn't add any health benefit beyond the massage strokes themselves. 

I founded Saltability because I saw an answer that serves both the guest's desire for wellness and the spa's desire for a new, profitable treatment. 

Himalayan salt - hand-carved and sanded into massage stones - leave all their pure 84 trace minerals and elements on the skin during and after the massage. A bundling of benefits!

Starting my career in 1994 at PGA National in Palm Beach, it seems almost mystical that it would be 20 years later (after many spas and a whole lot of learning) that this opportunity would come about. I am grateful for the mentors and years of knowledge in the spa business, and I am excited about Himalayan salt and its potential for the body as a massage.

Through Himalayan salt and Saltability, my passion for health and wellness has been renewed, and my drive for success in the spa industry has been charged like never before.  I hope you will take a look at my website and know how excited I am to share my news!

With warm regards,


Saltability Himalayan Salt Stone Heart

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