High Luxury, Low Product Cost -- Himalayan Salt Exfoliations and Wraps for Your Spa Treatment Menu

High Luxury, Low Product Cost -- Himalayan Salt Exfoliations and Wraps for Your Spa Treatment Menu

Luxury will always be an important part of our business. It’s the reason so many of our clients come to us in the first place — they’re seeking comfort, relaxation and just the right amount of indulgence. I love this exfoliation and wrap because it offers so many treatments to the client in just 50 to 60 minutes including brisk exfoliation, super soft skin, sedation to the nervous system, reduction in adhesions from the connective tissue to the muscles, reduction of cellulite (very apparent), active circulation to the entire body, a cellular detox and exchange through the physical friction and the benefit of the 84 active minerals and the CLIENTS FEEL IT ALL.  They feel amazing after this treatment from jet lag to hangover to just feeling like they don’t want to show their body on the beach or get up on the slopes the next day (soreness). 

As industry professionals, we’re charged with balancing the services our clients will love with costs that will benefit our business, so we have to find ways to add that luxury clients through business decisions that leaves us with a positive profit margin. During my career as spa director for one of the largest resort spas in the Midwest, I could clearly see the importance of the costs of the products we chose in our pro forma balance sheet, and I knew that making smart decisions equated to a healthy business.  

Today, it’s important to me, as CEO of Saltability, to help spa directors make those smart decisions. That’s one of the reasons why I have centered my business on Himalayan salt. Low product cost equals healthy return, and Himalayan salt delivers with both luxury and true wellness benefits. 

Here’s how Himalayan salt exfoliations can add value to your spa and enhance many of the treatments you already provide. 

Low cost per treatment 

Before adding anything to your spa menu, consider cost per treatment. Himalayan salt exfoliations can be made using water and your own massage oil, which reduces your overall cost to just 50 cents per exfoliation. Clients will feel the luxury, while your business benefits from the savings. 

High flexibility 

I love when a product can be used for multiple services, and Himalayan salt delivers on that many times over. Bulk Himalayan salt can be used in pedicures and manicures and even facials for hand, foot and leg exfoliations. Body wraps and scrubs other great places to incorporate the product. 

Bonus benefits 

Clients will never tire of hearing the benefits a product or service offers. Among the many benefits already associated with pure Himalayan salt, Himalayan salt exfoliations can: 

  • Unclog pores, promote skin cell turnover and balance oil production
  •  Purify the skin of toxins and dirt
  • Promote better circulation and reduceinflammatory response 
  •  Detoxify and relax the muscles
  •  Helploosen cellulite (adhesions), tighten the skin and improve overall texture

Himalayan salt exfoliations are easy to incorporate and add so much value for your investment. With one bulk order, you can round out your treatment menu with much-appreciated enhancements to services your clients already love. 

For information on bulk purchase of Himalayan salt for exfoliations, please contact us at 561-515–5142 or info@saltability.com.

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