Grateful to be Part of the FAU Community

Grateful to be Part of the FAU Community

I had the pleasure of attending the FAU Talon Leadership Awards Ceremony and Dinner this October, an event which brings together FAU students, alumni, and campus and community leaders to celebrate FAU leadership, support and service.

Ever since I joined the FAU Nursing Advisory Board, I’ve witnessed how much their community invests in the next generation of healthcare leaders and the difference that investment makes. My experience with FAU has been so rewarding — I’m thankful to serve a university that provides so many great opportunities for those who make a real, positive difference in healthcare (both locally and beyond), and I have learned so much about leadership and community support from the amazing people at FAU — people like Dr. Ira Gelb, who has become a close friend.

Where and how we invest our time, talent and treasure matters. I’m proud to donate a bit of all three through my role on the advisory board and as a scholarship sponsor for the Lamplighter Scholarship at the FAU Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing. I firmly believe that what energy we put out in this world comes back to us, and being part of a strong, positive organization makes a difference in the magnitude of the good we can accomplish!


Ann Brown

Saltability Founder & CEO

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