Italy in October -- The 2018 Global Wellness Summit

Italy in October -- The 2018 Global Wellness Summit

This fall I will attend the 2018 Global Wellness Summit (GWS) in Cesena, Italy, October 6-8, as a delegate, representing the U.S. spa industry, salt and halotherapy. The focus will be on “Shaping the Business of Wellness,” and I’m excited to learn from and work with the dynamic group of international leaders who will attend.

Through the Global Wellness Institute (GWI), so many important connections and discussions are taking place. Today, I am proud to serve as vice chair for the GWI Exploring Salt & HalotherapyInitiative and participate in the Global Mentorship Program.

Synergy and success build when we come together, and the Global Wellness Summit and Global Wellness Institute initiatives are bringing people together to create change and progress.

Who is supporting you? Are you interested in finding a mentor?

Listen to this audio file to learn what you might expect from joining the Global Mentorship Program:

Check out the Global Mentorship Program and other GWI initiatives. I encourage you to get involved in today.

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