Free Viral Defense Download from Good Vibrations

Free Viral Defense Download from Good Vibrations

A huge thank you to Good Vibrations for sharing a free "Viral Defense" download for our spa and wellness industry family. I love this company and their generous spirit as they want everyone to stay well!

Click here to download.

With a soothing melody that relaxes mind and body, this Frequency Infused Music® (FIM) download ...

  • helps protect your respiratory system
  • boosts your immune system
  • protects you against viruses
  • setting you up for optimal healing.

Listen once a day with headphones to get the most benefit. You can also play it throughout your home or office anytime of day as many times as you like.

Good Vibrations Music Co. logoA non-profit company, Good Vibrations is a FIM and vibrational therapy company. They design, create and market FIM and vibrational products that promote health and wellness and address a myriad of physical, emotional and spiritual conditions and associated issues. Their clientele includes individuals, medical professionals, dentists, spas, hotels and mind/body studios. 

How to Download and Add Tracks to your Media Player

There are several ways you can add your MP3s and other music files to your iTunes music library. You can drag and drop music into the iTunes window or browse for files and folders on your computer.

If you just purchased the audio files, you may click on the links above. Otherwise, go to your Account – Downloads to see a list of your downloadable products. Left-Click on your desired audio files and select Save As. Choose your Downloads folder as the destination.

For Apple

  1. Open iTunes and add these files to your library. Click on “file” in the top left hand corner, and then click “add file to library”. Add all of these files to your library.
  2. Click on “songs” on the left hand side of your iTunes library. You should see a list of all of the songs in your library. Go to the Good Vibrations Songs and make sure the little box to the left of each song is checked.
  3. Once all the songs are checked, you go ahead and sync to your Apple device.

Where is my Downloads folder?
Click on Finder, and select your username. On the left-hand side, select the Downloads folder.

For Windows

  1. Once your files have been downloaded, they will appear in your Downloads folder. You can use any audio player to play the MP3s.

Where is my Downloads folder?
Click on Start > File Explorer > This PC > Downloads



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