Feature Product: Himalayan Salt Detox Dome

Feature Product: Himalayan Salt Detox Dome

Adds value to your manicures or pedicure and great for retail sales – A warm, glowing dome of pure Himalayan salt on a beautifully crafted rosewood base.

How it works: Warmed Himalayan salt – 100% pure – detox dome absorbs and extracts toxins from the body, helps support blood circulation and reduces swelling. A soothing way to warm your client’s feet or hands on cold days, adding value to your salon services.

Saltability Himalayan salt detox dome for manicures and pedicures

Great for detox and more: When you’re not using the dome for detox, it doubles as a beautiful Himalayan salt lamp with an emotionally uplifting, earthy glow perfect in any treatment room. As the Himalayan salt is heated, either as detox dome or lamp, negative ions are produced to remove oxidative stress for your clients and therapists. Clients will love to buy one for multipurpose use in their home!

A 15-watt bulb and UL-listed cord are included. For added warmth, a 25-watt bulb may be purchased for $2.50.

Product Care: Disinfect the Himalayan salt dome in 30 seconds with Decon 30, a 100% natural EPA registered hospital grade disinfectant that has no chemicals/toxins in it. Simply spray the Himalayan salt dome and wipe dry.

Purchase now on our retail site.

Visit our professional site for wholesale purchase, available for professional customers only. If you are a massage therapist or spa owner/director/manager and have not created a professional account yet, please visit professional.saltability.com to request access.

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