Creating Calm at Home — Selenite Lamp Special Limited Offer!

Creating Calm at Home — Selenite Lamp Special Limited Offer!

With visits to the spa still few and far between, clients are looking for ways to bring rest and relaxation into their own homes. Wellness is an intentional choice, and selenite lamps — made from an opaque form of gypsum crystal that creates a beautiful glow and fosters bright, uplifting energy — are an intentional way to add calming, healing properties to any space. To help you create a calming environment in your home, we’re offering 30 percent off the regular price of $39.95 of our Natural Selenite Healing Crystal Lamp.

With their soft glow and pearly white, opaque crystal design, selenite lamps are a beautiful addition to any room, known to:

  • Provide calming properties ideal for meditation or spiritual work
  • Offer cleansing and healing abilities
  • Have a cleansing effect that removes negative influences of all kinds
  • Balance energy

Because selenite lamps have different properties from Himalayan salt lamps, both are highly valuable depending on the situation. Himalayan salt lamps are known to emit negative ions that deliver health benefits ranging from higher mental alertness to protection against germs in the air. The warmed salt acts as a natural air purifier, creating an effect similar to an ionizer, purifying the surrounding air.

Selenite lamps also act as air purifiers, but they do so by cleansing away energetic debris and clearing the slate for more positive energy to flow in. Selenite lamps are a beautiful way to purify energy and create a more positive environment.

For more information on our Selenite lamps or to place your order, email or call us at 561-515-5142.

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