Cellulite Body Scrubber — a Cleaner Alternative During COVID-19

Cellulite Body Scrubber — a Cleaner Alternative During COVID-19

As those in the spa industry continue looking for ways to up the cleanliness and safety of their facilities and treatment rooms, many are making simple product switches with the power to benefit everyone involved in the treatment. Particularly helpful during the pandemic, our Cellulite Body Scrubber, a gentle, natural tool that improves skin’s appearance by imparting minerals and alkalinity as it exfoliates and provides a more youthful and smoother look, is one of those products.

Did you know? Spa industry wellness source GSN Planet recently published a COVID-19 Sustainability Guide for those in the industry looking to responsibly care for their clients and the earth during the pandemic. Among their guidelines for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting, the guide recommends looking “into physical disinfectants like salt or silver ions that can even protect after use.”

Unlike a traditional body brush that’s difficult to disinfect, the Cellulite Body Scrubber is a great alternative for body exfoliation. Proper disinfection of traditional body brushes takes time, and it’s challenging — but absolutely essential — to truly disinfect brushes between guests. Instead, you can offer your guests a hand-carved, 100 percent pure Himalayan salt skin scrubber to use for their treatment. You won’t have to worry about disinfecting between clients because each guest can take the Himalayan salt skin scrubber home with them.

For therapists who want an effective way to abrade the connective tissue of a massage client before massage, our Cellulite Body Scrubber helps with:
  • Increasing circulation
  • Exfoliation
  • Reducing adhesions so the massage is more meaningful and deeper
  • Breaking down adhesions (that cellulite look around arms, stomach, hips, buttocks, hamstrings)
  • Alkalizing and re-mineralizing the skin so there is less muscle ache/soreness post-massage
  • Easing the wear and tear on therapists’ hands by reducing the minutes they spend with their thumbs and hands doing deep tissue techniques
Sustainable AND naturally antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial
Not only is the Cellulite Body Scrubber a win for clients, but it’s also a win for the environment. It won “Best Exfoliation Tool” in Healing Lifestyles & Spas 2020 Earth Day Beauty Awards, which recognizes “the very best” of beautiful, ethically produced indie beauty products.

Himalayan salt is naturally antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial. As an added precaution, you can easily disinfect the Cellulite Body Scrubber. Simply spray it with Decon 30 and allow that to penetrate for 10 minutes before wiping completely dry (we include a how-to card with every Cellulite Body Scrubber sold, plus a sandpaper buffer block to smooth the salt body scrubber when needed).

Share a scrubber as a client gift — add value!
The scrubber makes a great gift to clients after their treatment so they can use it at home between massages to further improve the tone and look of the skin. Contact us for assistance with your wholesale order (for spa and massage professionals only).

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