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10 Tips for Doing More with Saltability Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Decon 30 Himalayan Salt Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Warm Himalayan salt stone massage from Saltability relaxes the body, soothes sore muscles, helps improve sleep, mildly exfoliates the skin, and more, but the benefits don’t stop there. Himalayan salt stones allow therapists to get creative and intentional in how they treat each client. See below for tips on how to maximize your use of Himalayan salt therapy on the massage table and beyond.

  1.  Add new tools to your toolbox — Use different shapes and sizes of Saltability Himalayan salt stones to address client’s specific areas of concerns in new ways.
  2. If you have never used salt stones before, Saltability makes it easy to adapt by offering easy-to-follow protocols, or you can use your imagination to come up with your own massage session routine.
  3. Help decrease inflammation with chilled salt stones. To chill salt stones, place them in a plastic baggie and seal, then place in ice. (Avoid contact with water, which will cause the salt to reduce.)
  4. Use Himalayan salt stones as warm or chilled to offer contrast therapy, stimulating and improving blood supply, which promotes healing.
  5. Save time through quick clean-up after Saltability’s Himalayan salt stone massage – spray stones lightly with Decon 30 (non-toxic), wipe dry, and you’re done! No water needed.
  6. Try slowly rolling our round-shaped stone over stubborn knots, mimicking the use of a rolling pin or steam roller, to help “pave” the way to pain relief.
  7. Use the tips of our heart-shaped stones for working trigger points or working with TMJ.
  8. Find the perfect temperature for your clients who are sensitive to heat. Saltability Himalayan salt stones are used warm, not hot, for a comfortable massage session.
  9. Expand your services through Saltability Himalayan salt stone pedicure, exfoliation, detox wrap and facials.
  10. Help your client improve wellness at home through Saltability retail items – Himalayan salt products that help detoxify, improve adrenal and digestive function, improve air quality and help balance harmful electromagnetic frequencies.

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